Build Your Roofing Growth Strategy with Saenz Global & Scorpion

Digital Marketing Made Easy

Scorpion is a leading choice for roofers and all their digital marketing needs. The last thing a business owner needs to worry about is where and how to find customers.

At Scorpion, we make it easy with a one-stop shop for marketing, with strategies that include search engine optimization, social media, email campaigns, digital advertising, and more. We help you get in front of your customers so you can get back to what matters—running your best business.

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"I LOVE this product—it's BRILLIANT. It's like I get to take my mind off of marketing. There is a professional team on our side who is always available to help and I can put my energies into other things. You guys are OUTRAGEOUSLY WONDERFUL!" Mark Webb Owner, Delta Commercial Roofing, Inc.


Atlas Products + Scorpion’s Marketing Power

For years, Atlas has been providing roofing contractors like you with the products you need to wow your customers–and their roofs. Now Scorpion is proud to be an Atlas Approved Partner, so not only do you have a way to get the products you need for your business, but also a way to market your business and get more customers.


High-Quality Leads that Convert into Customers

As a leader in the digital marketing space, we know what’s important to roofers– more high-quality leads, smarter spending with your marketing budget, and visibility into how we’re helping you grow your business.

At Scorpion, we know how vital it is for your roofing business to have customers filling up your calendar. That’s why we’ve refined our services and technology to help you get the highest quality leads. Our lead generation strategies include a lead management technology that eliminates spam and bots, so you only get convertible customers. Our unmatched experience, paired with our state-of-the-art marketing technology, means your marketing is in good hands.


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