Consumer + Business Inflation Report 2022

Learn how consumers are adjusting purchasing behavior and what businesses can do about it.

After a year of rising prices, how are consumers handling buying decisions in the second half of 2022?

And how can businesses respond to these changes in consumer behavior? Find out what 1,000 American consumers said about their outlook on inflation, where they’re getting their information on the economy, how they handle price increases, and what businesses can do to better meet their needs.


75% of Americans think it will take 2 or more years for inflation rates to return to normal.


Older consumers are nearly 2x more likely than younger groups to postpone hiring services until prices come down.


Gen Z and Millennials are 3x more likely to say they’re financially better off this year compared to Gen X and Baby Boomers.

Download Scorpion’s latest research report to:

  • Understand how consumers are accepting, reducing, or eliminating spending with high inflation.
  • See which demographic groups are more price-sensitive compared to others.
  • Learn how businesses can build trust with their customers of today and tomorrow.